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Visiting the dentist is not an entirely pleasant experience for everyone.Each person will have a different perspective about the same.We should understand that dentistry is a part of healthcare and is very similar to other fields of medicine,where doctors treat diseases and cure illnesses relating to the mouth.Ideally regular checkups with the dentist should be scheduled once in six months.If the patient is prone to a high incidence of dental caries or has a poor maintenance of oral hygiene,visits should be scheduled 3 to 4 times a year.Children usually require more frequent checkups as they are more prone to caries and infections. Always remember to get dental health checkups and oral prophylaxis done every six months to keep your teeth and oral cavity in good shape and also to check the outcome/condition of the treatment already taken.

Digital dentistry

Digital dentistry refers to the use of dental technologies or devices to carry out dental procedures rather than using mechanical or electrical tools. The use of digital dentistry can make carrying out dental procedures more efficient than using mechanical tools, both for restorative and as diagnostic purposes. We,at Crown N Dent multispeciality dental clinic and implantlogy centre have incorporated digital dentistry in our day to day practice by using digital x-rays and digital technology, to provide better care for our patients and to ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment under the most comfortable of circumstances.

Digital x-rays provide greater comfort than traditional x-rays and reduce the radiation exposure(4 digital radiographs equal 1 film xray).Additionally digital radiographs allow dentists to magnify images for greater diagnostic accuracy that are not visible during a clinical dental examination,ensuring more timely and appropriate treatment.Similarly,we use intraoral cameras that can produce accurate images of the teeth and the supporting structures,so that it also allows our patient to better understand the need for the recommended treatment & can also learn more about dental hygiene practices,including where to focus on brushing your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry

It is a branch of dentistry dealing with the appearance of your teeth.It handles the modification of your smile and anything having to do with the look of your teeth and gums,in terms of length,shape color,alignment and proportion.But for a dentist it lies in obtaining the most beautiful and lasting improvement in the appearance of someones smile, with minimum amount of treatment.

The primary aim of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the aesthetics of a persons teeth,gums or bite.A variety of cosmetic procedures are now available which appeal to many people.

The most popular procedure is tooth whitening,wherein teeth are bleached to remove stains and make them appear brighter.

Smile Designing

First impression is the last impression and everyone is becoming more conscious of their teeth when they have become chipped,discolored,deformed,crooked or are missing.They may feel the need to cover their mouth,everytime they laugh and smile for photos.Apart from affecting a persons self confidence,it can also affect a persons oral health,particularly when chipped or missing teeth are left untreated. The good thing is that most of these issues can be resolved/treated or at least worked out to improve the situation.

A smile makeover typically involves one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers,dental implants,gingival sculpting and teeth whitening that give you the look you have always wanted. Full mouth reconstruction offers natural looking and clinically sound treatment to correct functional problems associated with your bite muscles teeth and bone structures.

At Crown n Dent Multispeciality Dental Clinic And Implantology Centre,we believe there are always one or more treatment options available for any dental issues at an affordable cost.

Halitosis or Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a major problem affecting a large group of people in the world.It is the third frequent reason after dental decay and gingivitis for people to seek dental care.Many people are in fact not aware that they are suffering from this problem.Bad breath was found to be one of the reasons for divorce among community.It is very important to identify the cause of bad breath.The treatment depends upon the cause of the problem which should be rectified at the earliest.

Bad breath can affect a person very badly.It can decrease the self confidence of a person and make others ignore him.Just as our physical appearance is important,similarly our breath has great importance.Bad breath is curable and the cause should be identified and treated accordingly to be rid of this problem.