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Digital dentistry refers to the use of dental technologies or devices to carry out dental procedures rather than using mechanical or electrical tools.

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It is a branch of dentistry dealing with the appearance of your teeth.It handles the modification of your smile and anything having to do with the look of your teeth.

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A smile makeover typically involves one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental veneers that give you the look you have always wanted.

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Bad breath is a major problem affecting a large group of people in the world.The treatment depends upon the cause of the problem which should be rectified earliest.

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About Our Clinic

Crown n dent is a multispeciality Dental Clinic and implantology Center which offers the best dental treatment to its patients because we understand the importance and comfort level of our patients which has made us an established dental clinic in Belgaum.. Crown n Dent multispeciality dental clinic and implantology center provides you with the latest treatment options and solutions in esthetic and rehabilitative dentistry, with special emphasis on implant supported fixed and removable prosthesis using contemporary dental materials and technology, under clean and pleasant environment from skilled and well trained specialists and all at affordable prices. So, come step in and let us help you keep Smiling.

The Dentist's Role

Dentists work with patients to prevent and treat dental and oral disease.

  • They have excellent knowledge of human anatomy and oral diseases, as well as first-class clinical skills.
  • Dentists’ work is increasingly preventive, protecting teeth and gums from decay and disease.
  • Creating treatment plans to maintain or restore the oral health of their patients.
  • Monitoring growth and development of the teeth and jaws.
  • Performing surgical procedures on the teeth, bone and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

What's New?

The New treatment Crown N dent provides you!

Hair Transplant

Advanced FUE(Follicular Unit) Hair transplant is a revolutionary hair restoration method that can completely transform the "Older you" to "Younger you".

We are often asked about our hair transpalnt results and if they are permanent. We are happy to say "YES! WHY NOT?"

Its 100% permanent treatment.

Myth's about our Teeth

Have any doubts about your teeth? Read On..


I don’t need to take my child to the dentist because their baby teeth are just going to fall out.

Proper oral hygiene should start at a very early age. . This will allow kids to be comfortable when going to the dentist, and set a lifetime of good habits.

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I don’t need to brush twice a day and floss every day.

Proper home care is one of the best defenses against tooth decay and gum disease. That is why your dentist reminds you to brush twice a day and to floss every day.

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Sugar is the principal cause of cavities.

You’ve probably heard it a million times: sugar rots teeth. While sugar is a main culprit in tooth decay, it’s not actually the real offender: bacteria is the real villain. When these acids combine with saliva.

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Read New Stories

There are things that happen in a dental practice that would make The Walking Dead seem like a walk in the park. There are stories that could be told that would make Frankenstein think fire wasn’t so bad.

Anti Snoring Devices.

Snoring is simply the vibratory noise generated by the back of the relaxed tongue, palate and throat. Further narrowing produces louder snoring but also laboured inspiration (breathing in).

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Implant and tooth supported dentures

Implants are used to support crowns replacing single missing teeth, bridges that restore a larger span of missing teeth, or even dentures.

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Smile Designing

A smile design is a dental procedure which artistically creates whiter and beautiful natural looking smiles. Smile can do wonders to fully restore your dental health.

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